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A Small Explanation/Disclaimer.

2008-02-13 21:52:37 by betrayalisanART

i feel that i am in need of some sort of explanation for this music that i have seems a lot of people are saying that its too weird or annoying or something along those lines....which is totally fine. EXCEPT that i am not trying to, or have any desire to, make anything orthodox. im kind of bored with that, and i dont feel like i would get any satisfaction making that type of music. yeah, my stuff, in a lot of instances can ARGUABLY be called music, if not sheer noise, but thats what i 'feel' when i make this. the type of music i like is far different from that of most people, and i knew that before i put music up on this site. so i do not mind the negative comments i get, one bit...but just know that i am very well aware of what this sounds like, whether its too noisy, too weird, too hard to listen to, blasé splee...its just the way i personally make music. im sure people for the most part hate Kraftwerk, Godspeed you! black emperor, Liars, Oneida, or any other band (and i use this term in my case VERY loosely) that makes noisy music...but im making it for the, say, 5% of the people out there that can identify, if you will, with this noisy bullshit i call offense intended to anyone out there, just know...that i know....that this sounds somewhat like dying cats to a lot of you...and while im on the subject i think one day ill have a song reminiscent of that as well.....


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2008-04-17 14:19:03

I just read one of your reviews to someone elses very strange audio, you gave it a 3 and said that it was painful to listen to, I find it hard to believe that you are so opened minded like this towards your own audio, but act arrogant towards others' audio...